Saturday, February 19, 2011

Test Update

Above is the test gauge for Zitron Nimbus 100% Organic Merino.  The yarn choice really confirms my affinity for single ply yarn.  I am not sure why that is.  But, I knew when I start this project that I wanted a rich color.  Some of the others I thought were a nice mahogany brown, deep navy, plum or cordovan shade of red.  The picture doesn't really show the color in its truest form.  The color is really a charcoal color, think pencil lead.

I am slowly making progress.  I seem to psych myself out since I am more or less writing as I go.  The end result will be a vest.  I love the idea so I hope it turns out the way I hope.  It is being knit for a small-medium for pattern-submitting purposes.  In the yarn I chose it is going to be rather warm.  But, the pattern is versatile enough that, done with the right yarn, could be worn in the spring/summer.  I have a few other projects on my plate I am working on as well.  So, off to get a few more inches done. 

Up Next: FO update and a recipe!

Be well. Create.  Inspire.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Comfy & Warm

This was a super easy crochet project.  It involved a pretty basic stitch pattern and easy shaping.  This definitely could have been done sooner.  One could even get it done in a weekend.  I managed to stretch it out by being tied up with various other knitting projects.  It is made with Cascade Yarns Cash Vero.  I broke in the sweater on Monday, and let me tell you it was toasty.  It is also VERY soft.  I am hoping that it won't pill too much.  If I had more yarn I would likely have made the sleeves a little longer.  But that said, it really is going to be perfect to wear over a tank in the spring.  I think it is versatile enough to be worn in any season.  Don't quote me on this, but I may make another in the future.  

A little review on the yarn.  This was my first time using this yarn.  It was very easy to work with.  It didn't split too much, with is always key.  It was very soft which made it a little slippery.   I am going to use the last 15 yds or so that I have left to make a swatch to remember this one.

Next up:  A progess report on my first design venture.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


So here is the finished product.  The wonderful Girasole.  I loved knitting this.  From beginning to end.  I think that I why I am drawn to lace charts.  First, I am enamored with the idea of starting a new project.  And when doing a circular or triangular shawl it grows so quickly in the beginning.  Then, with this pattern I kept getting more and more excited about how the pattern was looking and progressing.  There was certainly that level of excitement present because I was working on something for myself.    I absolutely love the outcome.  The yarn choice makes for a very comfy and warm blanket. 

So, down the line will be another Jared Flood project.  I have gathered enough Shelter yarn to make the Terra Shawl. The colorway, of course is Homemade Jam.  There are a couple more projects in the works before that however.  

Stay tuned for another update on another finished project.  The Chevron Sweater.