Monday, June 30, 2008


What an educational experience. I gave myself the challenge up uploading 30 pictures in 30 days. The project was for the entire month of June. So, below is a movie that includes all of those photos. Quite an eclectic mix. Some of my family, friends, and flowers.

I am not sure where my next photo project will take me. But stay tuned, I am sure it will end up here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Papa Doodle Dooo

Now for the ode to the glorious Father's Day. Over all it was a very mellow day. We spent the morning opening presents. We...well "we" watched Dada open presents. Claire got Dada a book to read to her and I got him a pair of binoculars. Easy way out for me, I knew he wanted them. It was exciting. Claire always enjoys a tasty card or envelope to chew on. After that we proceeded to my dads for a so symbolic feast of ribs! What other manly dad food would one fest upon for Father's Day. Well, the answer to that is burgers and beer. That happened at the Frary's. All in all I imagine that it was a good holiday had by all. For one it was the first, for another the second first, and for my dad his 32nd. If you ask him though he will tell you everyday is Father's Day. Now I understand what he means by it. Everyday does feel like Mother's Day. Everyday that my sweet girl looks at me I am reminded how much I love being mom. Despite a bad string of ugly days I really do like where I am right now. I see good change in the future ( to be read about in the future), and nothing but wonderful times to come this summer. It will be a different dynamic having our little one. But, nonetheless she will be a child of the outdoors. And as mentioned in "Potato Bugs" she will know more than 10 plants. One has to, to be outdoors and hiking. Her first real hike was with her Dada. He came back so proud to have spent the afternoon with her out in nature and exposing her to waterfalls and riverbanks. And with the evidence on her face I am sure she will enjoy more. So in closing let's hope that soon our weather will turn to summer and the opportunity to get out in the wild will come soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Potato Bugs

Another rainy day. Something I can always appreciate. I think a lot of Portlanders can. But now I am a mother. That title alone always makes one look inward. I can't help but wonder if she will grow up and appreciate the small things in life too. The smell of fresh rain in the morning, dew kissed spider webs, the sweet scent of fresh cut flowers. Is that something that we can teach or is it ingrained? I read something recently that said children nowadays can identify 150 different logos and can't name 10 plants. I couldn't believe it, I can't believe it. In Oregon it think it is a requirement. It would take more than ten to name major Oregon exports. Ok, getting off topic. All I know is that is certainly something to strive for. It will help having beautiful yards at grandmas and grandpas house to walk around and explore. Explore the fun things in nature like wooley worms and potato bugs. May I teach her the art of imagination and find beautiful shapes out of clouds, how to make a tune with a blade of grass. I have a so many wonderful things I want to show her. I hope that we will make some amazing childhoods memories for her.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maiden Voyage

LinkGreetings whomever stumbled across my blog. This is the maiden voyage on a journey without direction. At the core this is an outlet to exercise some creative writing. I've yet to decide what the regular content of this blog will be. I can tell you that I want to write about my thoughts, my dreams, and my family. On occasion you will stumble across crafty info, and certainly photography.

So, as a way to get the creative juices flowing here is my current project. I have decided to take a photo everyday for 30 days. There are several reasons behind this. I need to use my cute new camera more. I need to get better at uploading to my flickr page. My sweet daughter Claire is growing at a rate faster than I photograph. It seems like yesterday she was born and now she is almost 10 months old. So the first entry of this project is of her munching the recently coined "Claireeos". (Thanks to Todd)

My sweet, sweet angel. Prepare to see more of her as she will likely grace many more entries. So this may not be one of my more artistic shots but it is of her. Her big brown eyes and luscious chocolate hair. She continues to amaze me everyday. It is incredible to witness the mind of a child grow. Everything is fresh and new and exciting, which makes being her mom equally incredible. -Michelle