Friday, January 27, 2012

Your Inner Mystic- Mindful Knitting

The following is dialogue from a recent program I did entitled "Your Inner Mystic."  My portion was on Mindful Knitting.

There is a right time, a divine time, that the spark happens. I started to crochet at approximately 14 and I still crochet to this day. Knitting started for me around 20. There has been a lot of learning since. For a while there I was knitting “wrong,” (although there is no wrong way), so we’ll call it different. And, being more or less self-taught there was a lot of trial and error. Wanting to grow and develop my skills. For 2012 I have made 2 knitting goals: brioche and getting more comfortable with color work. I definitely consider these goals as a bit of spiritual growth as well as it provides me discipline and patience.

Why does this activity feel like a connection with God?
Sometimes it is so intricate and beautiful I impress myself.

Did you know it from the start, or did it dawn on you later?
This happened much later. Really, after discovering that it was ok to have fiber arts as a spiritual practice.

What helps you to do it/keeps you from doing it?
Well, I have a meter that I log information on and I knit 7.5 miles last year. So, when I start thinking “I wish I had time to knit.” I try and remember this statistic.

How is doing this like- or not like - prayer for you?
It is very much prayer for me. Particularly when I can get into that quiet and contemplative space. It helps when the repeat of the pattern is rhythmic so I am not constantly having to stop and look at a pattern.

How does it feel to speak about this to others?
I find it awkward. I have a hard time accepting praise. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my work gets appreciated but it always make me blush. I find that in my age group and environment that it is not always accepted to discuss spirituality. But, that is a whole other topic!

What would you recommend to someone who’s just beginning?
Dive in and ask someone you know to help ;) or your LYS

Be well. Create. Inspire.