Thursday, March 18, 2010


(This was written in conjunction with some nests that I have been knitting for a spiritual reflection.  The nests are still in progress, I'll post a picture when they are complete.)

When you think of a nest, what is it we most often think of? A container or shelter made of twigs, grass and other materials. Have you ever thought about these definitions:
     : a snug retreat or refuge, resting place, home
     : a cluster of similar things
     : to settle or place in

So as you begin to settle in, as a cluster of similar women, begin to think of your nest. Where is it you go when you need retreat and refuge? What do you nurture during that time? Think of the nest you are holding. What does it hold for you? What message lies within the egg? How does that message resonate with you at this time?

Oh so delicate a nest
Made up of organic best
Aloft so high up in a tree ,
who belongs to what I see?

Who seeks respite
high up there?
To build a nest,
delicate, with care.

A refuge for
a little bird.
A little home,
a big, big world.

Such wonder ‘bout
this AWEsome nest.
What a perfectly lovely
place to rest!

(another little gem made for work)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Knit Wit

So for a contest at a LYS (local yarn store) the objective was to write a limerick about knitting. So clever for the month of March, I thought. So, with my uber poetic and rhyming mind this is what I came up with.

I knit a lot of knots,
especially for my tots.
One purple and pink,
the other black like ink,
like a mommy knitting robot!

I wish I had a ewe,
a llama and alpaca too,
to shear and to spin,
divine yarn I win,
from a veritable knitter's zoo!

Oh boy how I love to knit,
In a comfy place to sit.
A place just for me,
my yarn and my tea,
for a little knitting respite.

I am sure that I could keep them coming.  It was rather fun to think of knitting rhymes. I hope you got a giggle or two out of the gaggle!