Monday, May 17, 2010

Peaceful Reflections

Below are some reflections from a gathering I did this weekend and co-facilitated.  I thought this might be a nice platform to share.  The delphinium flower was drawn by me :)  Enjoy!

I see you,
before that...
I felt you.
I know that you
are always there
watching over me,
to help me
right the wrong.
You are there
to calm my storm.
I am cautious
and carfeul
to be only my best
for you!
If I fall,
you are there
helping me to rise.
I try to see only good,
for you.
For you always
see the good in me.
You are there,
I ssee you,
helping me, be me.

I had several people in mind when I was writing that.  So, I think it goes out to all my family, moral and creative support.

Passion Engaging All Calm on Earth

And a special haiku for someone near and dear.

Abundant is she,
So good and strong and love filled,
Inspires you and me!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yarn Haiku

Some yarn gauge haiku for another contest. 
Always in the search of free, cleverly won yarn!

Fingering or sport,
it's worth testing your gauge,
or else you'll be short.

To make a small swatch,
just to test the yarn gauge,
waste of my yarn, rage.

Few minutes to test,
my pretty yarn and my needles.
Now sweater or vest?