Saturday, August 9, 2008

One year later...

I can't believe that sweet baby girl Claire is one year old already. It is amazing! It is so surreal that one can have a completely helpless newborn child and then a mere 365 days and she is nearly walking and is talking. She is so incredible. Our poor girl is crawling around with am ear infection in both ears and can still muster a smile for all her party-goers. We had such a lovely party for her with (almost) all our family and friends. Everyone that attended got a sticker to wear as an official attendee. It has a picture of her that her daddy made, see it here. Brian also made some small photo books of Claire's First Year that we passed out to each family.

I hope that someday when she is grown I can express how proud I am of her. She continues to amaze, enlighten and brighten my days.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!!! I love you more than words!