Wednesday, June 23, 2010

s p r o u t

- to begin to grow
- to shoot forth
- to develop
- a new growth

We all started out, a sprout. A new growth. Some of us continue that everyday. Sprout TV says “Learn something new everyday, because the more we know the smarter we grow.” Growth takes many forms however. Growth can be physical, emotional or spiritual. What pure joy to watch the growth of a child, a pet, a garden, a relationship, or the growth of oneself. How do you grow everyday? How has this group grown? Evolved? What words come to mind when you think of your own growth? What seeds will you plant today?

Oh what a way to start,
a sprout.
A new beginning, growth,
to start out.

Life so new,
the color green.
You surely knew
what this would mean.

Green, fresh, light,
and true.
And all simply
because of you!

Because of you
we have this life.
Mostly good,
a little strife.

But growing is what
we continue to do,
because you chose green
instead of blue.