Monday, June 16, 2008

Papa Doodle Dooo

Now for the ode to the glorious Father's Day. Over all it was a very mellow day. We spent the morning opening presents. We...well "we" watched Dada open presents. Claire got Dada a book to read to her and I got him a pair of binoculars. Easy way out for me, I knew he wanted them. It was exciting. Claire always enjoys a tasty card or envelope to chew on. After that we proceeded to my dads for a so symbolic feast of ribs! What other manly dad food would one fest upon for Father's Day. Well, the answer to that is burgers and beer. That happened at the Frary's. All in all I imagine that it was a good holiday had by all. For one it was the first, for another the second first, and for my dad his 32nd. If you ask him though he will tell you everyday is Father's Day. Now I understand what he means by it. Everyday does feel like Mother's Day. Everyday that my sweet girl looks at me I am reminded how much I love being mom. Despite a bad string of ugly days I really do like where I am right now. I see good change in the future ( to be read about in the future), and nothing but wonderful times to come this summer. It will be a different dynamic having our little one. But, nonetheless she will be a child of the outdoors. And as mentioned in "Potato Bugs" she will know more than 10 plants. One has to, to be outdoors and hiking. Her first real hike was with her Dada. He came back so proud to have spent the afternoon with her out in nature and exposing her to waterfalls and riverbanks. And with the evidence on her face I am sure she will enjoy more. So in closing let's hope that soon our weather will turn to summer and the opportunity to get out in the wild will come soon.

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Brian said...

It was a very nice Father's day, thanks to my wonderful family and friends.