Saturday, February 19, 2011

Test Update

Above is the test gauge for Zitron Nimbus 100% Organic Merino.  The yarn choice really confirms my affinity for single ply yarn.  I am not sure why that is.  But, I knew when I start this project that I wanted a rich color.  Some of the others I thought were a nice mahogany brown, deep navy, plum or cordovan shade of red.  The picture doesn't really show the color in its truest form.  The color is really a charcoal color, think pencil lead.

I am slowly making progress.  I seem to psych myself out since I am more or less writing as I go.  The end result will be a vest.  I love the idea so I hope it turns out the way I hope.  It is being knit for a small-medium for pattern-submitting purposes.  In the yarn I chose it is going to be rather warm.  But, the pattern is versatile enough that, done with the right yarn, could be worn in the spring/summer.  I have a few other projects on my plate I am working on as well.  So, off to get a few more inches done. 

Up Next: FO update and a recipe!

Be well. Create.  Inspire.

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