Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inaugural Girasole

January 17, 2011

I am so excited to be launching this website (on my birthday) and to have the first project I share with you be the lovely Girasole. 

This website has been an idea for so long and is now finally getting off its feet.  There was a lot of discernment regarding what to call it.  I wanted to conjure up the perfect name for a knitting related blog and website.  There were quite a few ideas that were brought to the table.  But, the more I talked about the more I understood that I have already created an identity that is RainMomma.  So, why change that?   Why not keep what I have already started?  Well, I did.  And here is that new and exciting identity.  I hope you enjoy what comes in the days and weeks to follow.  For those that visit in these next early days, please feel free to send me any edits you might have.  You know how it goes having looked at the same info for a while, I am certain to have missed something.

And now, I bring you Girasole.  This pattern was one of those that you come across and it pulls at your heart strings and begs to be made.  I have had the pattern for some time.  It was merely awaiting the right timing and opportunity to move to the forefront.  While I SO enjoy knitting for others, it was time to knit something for myself.  I knew that Girasole was going to be the one.  The one!  Through a wonderful set of fate and circumstances I acquired the yarn (Cascade Yarns Soft Spun) and it sat patiently until I acquired the time. 

In the weeks leading up to the launch of the website I knew it was time.  Everything was simply starting to fall into place.  It has been working up rather quickly, but isn’t done today to share with all of you. My hope was that it would be as a sort of birthday gift to myself.  But soon enough.  Another entry of course to follow when completed.

The pattern tells me it is going to block to something around 72”.  Less so however because I took a repeat out to accommodate the yardage of the yarn I have.  This gem of mine will be perfect for wrapping and getting snuggly with.  Claire has mentioned that she wants it.  So sad to break the news to her, nope...mine.  But, we did agree that in time she too could have one- rainbow colored.  In the meantime I would be happy to share it and all it’s future snuggles. 

Thank you to all that make a visit today and in the future.  A huge thank you to my husband for all his support and assistance with all things web related.  I am getting there.

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