Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Circular Organizer

I have seen on more than one occasion, an organizer for all your circular needles.  I decided it was high time I make one for myself.  I think that is part of the nature of a crafter.   I can't speak for all, but I see something and I immediately start to dissect it and try and find a way to make it myself.  That could be why I have been through so many hobbies. 

It was fun to visit a local fabric store and be inspired by some fun ribbon.  And as apparent from the website I am very drawn to teals lately.  Not too sure about the color of the year being honeysuckle.  I needed a method for the numbers that didn't require embroidery.  That prompted finding the number ribbon.  The one through ten sequence worked out fine as I one have a couple that are larger.  

The next project that will be sewn is a case my my KnitPicks Harmony Kit.  The fabric will be the same.  But they certainly need a home.   I will of course share that with you as well.  

Be well. Create.  Inspire.

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