Monday, August 15, 2011

Frost Flowers

*Starting today.  Each Monday will be a post about most anything RainMomma related.  This could be a pattern (like today), a recipe or just a little bit about life.

So, when my LYS (local yarn store) was bringing in a new yarn I knew that I wanted to help them out with a sample.  The yarn is Acadia from The Fibre Co. and the pattern is Avery Cowl by Kate Gagnon Osborn.  What I loved about the yarn was the colors. All very earth-toned.  The one I chose to use is called wild onion.  The main portion of the yarn is definitely the color of an onion skin. But, every so often there will be a slub of bright purple.  The combination is so lovely and the yarn was a pure joy to work with.  Now, on to the pattern.

The pattern is a cowl, so worked in the round.  This was my first introduction to a particular lace chart called frost flowers.  Little did I know this pattern exist for ALL sorts of items.  If you go to the Quince & Co. blog you will see it made into a blanket, a sweater and a scarf. I think what was most difficult for me was the transition of working the pattern in the round.  This could have been solved several ways, I think.  It could have had some kind of divider like a ribbed row or notated differently on the pattern and perhaps changing where the marker placement was at those transitions.  Either way, I mustered my way through the pattern.  It took a little longer than I had hoped but it turned out lovely nonetheless.  And, yet another moment to grow and learn while knitting.

Be well. Create. Inspire.

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