Monday, August 22, 2011

Bitty Harvest

We planted quite a garden this year.  Certainly bigger than last year.  Our crop has really been hit or miss.  The radishes really behaved more like a weed.  We had gobs of radishes.  Then we entered a phase of having a lot of growth and green but little product.  Well, heat and day after day of sun seems to be the ticket.   The picture above if 2 of our probably 30+ Roma tomatoes.  A little bitty corn, I don't think there is enough there to munch.  I am giving our other 6 or so ears of corn a little more time.  Also above there are 2 ball zucchinis.  I had little luck with the regular zucchinis last year with the squirrels.  Carrots seem to be holding there own.  I am really anxious to get them out.  Fresh picked carrots are SO, so good!  In a week or so I will have a bucket of Romas.  My larger tomatoes are also doing great but are all still green.  There have been some learning moments in this whole process.

- plant more peppers
- plant beets
- maybe a few less radishes
- go back to normal zucchinis
- add another box so there is more room
- pay better attention to the space allotted for each plant

I will definitely plant again next year.  A little earlier perhaps, but certainly more.  I has been a very good exercise in patience.  Something I need.

Be well. Create. Inspire. (and grow)

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