Sunday, December 27, 2009

Huckleberry Bliss

On thing you can always count on is my affinity for berries...any berries! I even had an opportunity to try a kiwi berry. Yum! So this should have been posted some time ago. But, as we are in the heart of winter, why not reminisce about the berry filled days of summer.

My mother-in-law always gets huckleberries, every summer. This year we made a little exchange. She would happily share some with me if she got a batch of jam for her. Simple.

The jam practically made itself. Packed full of flavor...and pectin apparently. So out of what she gave me I was able to produce 3 batches of jam. It seems to be quite a hit of those on my jam receiving list. I think next year I want to try my hands at more pies. I am certain the husband won't mind. I am so looking forward to the spring and summer and the next canning session. Albeit there is still plenty of jam in the pantry. But for now, we will treasure the joys of winter, the holidays, staying in together from the cold and the wonder of starting a new year.

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